Spray Foam Insulation

Concrete slab ground floor insulation

WALLTITE® is applied directly to the concrete. Under-floor heating pipes can be fixed to the foam with the normal clips. A layer of tamped or self-levelling screed is applied, usually to a depth of 75mm. The process is extremely quick to apply compared to other methods and the problems of insulation boards lifting are avoided. Site overhead time and material waste from off-cuts are minimised.


WALLTITE® has undergone various performance tests. Certificates are available on request.

LABC RegisteredNBS Plus

Typical detail

Ground floor insulation (concrete slab)

Ground floor insulation (concrete slab)

  1. DPC
  2. Separating layer 500 gauge DPM returned up wall at perimeter
  3. WALLTITE® returned to form wall perimeter insulation
  4. Screed
  5. DPM set below slab
  6. Sand blinding
  7. Well consolidated hardcore
  8. Concrete slab​

Technical data

Adhesion to concrete 260kPa
Lambda 90/90 0.025 to 0.028W/mK
Fire rating Class 1 to BS 476 Part 7
Compressive strength 259kPa


Thickness of WALLTITE (mm) U-value (W/m2k)
100 0.16
80 0.18
65 0.20

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