Spray Foam Insulation

Existing timber suspended floor (cellars)

WALLTITE® floor insulation is advisable where underfloor heating is installed. The foam barrier separates heated and unheated rooms and in this way, reduces any loss of valuable heating energy into spaces where it is not needed. Rooms with just occasional use benefit from WALLTITE® insulation, as the floor heats up more rapidly.


WALLTITE® has undergone various performance tests. Certificates are available on request.

LABC RegisteredNBS Plus

Technical data

Element Floor - U-value Element 1
Basement soffit
Internal surface emissivity High
External surface emissivity High


Construction details (timber floor) Thickness (mm)
Outside surface resistance  
Hardwood dry 15
Cavity >=25mm, floor (CIBS)  
Plasterboard (BS 5250) 12.5
Inside surface resistance  
U-value 0.30W/m²K