Spray Foam Insulation


Insulation with no joints or gaps Spray application of WALLTITE® insulating material produces a seamless insulating layer with no joints or gaps and reduces energy loss due to thermal bridging.
Maximum insulating performance at minimum thickness WALLTITE® has an extremely low thermal conductivity not achieved by any other conventional insulating material,saving valuable space.
Insulation of components in hard to treat areas Liquid installation means that critical, inaccessible or curved areas can be insulated without any problem - no need for laborious cutting and fitting.
Excellent adhesion to the substrate WALLTITE® fits like a second skin and is suitable for virtually all substrates such as corrugated fibre cement, profiled metal sheet or timber boards.
Prolongs the life of buildings WALLTITE® rigid, robust, closed-cell foam demonstrably improves the construction and life of buildings.
Increases comfort in the home Residents of buildings insulated with WALLTITE® report an improved indoor environment and a greater degree of comfort.
Low material weight WALLTITE® 's low weight places very little stress on components making it safer, for example, when there is heavy snow on flat roofs.